Secure Transport

Document Collection/Delivery:

Our transportation agents are trained in Secure Transport collection and delivery protocols. They are uniformed, carry photo ID and are thoroughly screened.  Our vehicles are designed for safe data transportation and are protected by GPS satellite tracking, CCTV and fire extinguishers. All vehicles are unloaded inside our facility under monitored and secure conditions thus protecting data from weather damage or unauthorised access.  We provide on-demand delivery of your documents when required.

Return of Electronic Data:
Once your data has been checked for quality assurance, we can return it to you in a variety of ways. Your images are typically returned on CD or DVD. Typically one DVD holds around 120,000 A4 images (or 8 filing cabinets!) and a backup can be produced for offsite storage and disaster recovery.   Otherwise images can be sent directly to your servers or loaded to a document management system for retrieval. If you require an alternative method or are still unsure, please contact us.

If you have any queries what so ever, please call our enquiry team on:

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