The security and integrity of client confidential information is Datagroup’s main priority.  We have developed security and monitoring systems across all services that guarantee the confidential nature of information is maintained at all times.  Each aspect of our operation is electronically tracked, monitored and recorded throughout its lifecycle within Datagroup.

System Security

  1. System including electronic data is backed up 3x times daily using one way Blowfish encryption – 256 bit. Once encrypted data is sent to 2x secure off-site locations.
  2. Scanner Maintenance and Backup support is in place, covering all our scanners and computers.
  3. Software Backup & Support is in place for all our DM Software
  4. Dedicated firewall and VPN services to help block unauthorized system access
  5. Do NOT allow foreign machines – media devices on our network
  6. Secure media handling and destruction procedures for all customer data
  7. Secure data transfers via Secure FTP or Secure VPN
  8. Disaster Recovery Plan in place

Physical Security

  1. Our facility is monitored and recorded 24hours per day by our state of the art digital CCTV system.
  2. Digitally recorded door access systems are fitted to all entry and exit points of our facility. This system records all staff movements and restricts access.
  3. Our facility is externally monitored offsite for fire and unauthorised entry. It is also protected with static guard spot checks throughout the night and out of hour durations.
  4. Located in the centre of our building, our Scanning & Storage Facility contains no external boundary walls. All internal boundary walls are constructed of 9 inch concrete and meet all fire regulations.
  5. All staff have been carefully selected, trained and have signed confidentially Agreements.
  6. Collection staff are fully uniformed and carry photo ID.
  7. Each of our own Vehicles are Alarmed, GPS tracked and CCTV monitored and fitted with Fire Extinguishers.
  8. Bar-coded Security Labels are attached to all materials throughout its lifecycle.
  9. Each box and container is monitored throughout its lifecycle which minimises the risk of mislaid or wrongly labelled information.
  10. Comprehensive audit trail ensures full compliance with all relevant data protection legislation.
  11. Digital images of the pallets on arrival are taken and stored electronically for future reference.
  12. On request Digital Recordings of the shredding process are available
  13. A full Certificate Of Destruction and Storage Report are available on request

Operational Security

  1. ISO 9001:2008 based policies and procedures
  2. Operate an ISO 15489 Records Management System
  3. All staff are carefully selected, trained and have signed confidentially agreements.
  4. All staff are trained on information security and privacy procedures
  5. All operational processes are logged and tracked for auditing purposes
  6. Fully documented change management procedures
  7. Utilize several controlled documents throughout the process
  8. Datagroup are registered with the Office of Data Protection as Data Processers.