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We live CSR

CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility)is an add-on for many companies.  At Datagroup, we believe that business is about more than just profit and therefore CSR is at the core of everything we do and how we operate.  Datagroup is a group division of WCDAS Ltd, a nationally recognised Organisation that has successfully delivered professional and socially responsible services for over 30 years.

Providing Employment Opportunity

We believe it’s important to share opportunity with the whole community. As a result we afford opportunity for individuals within our local community who may be marginalised or have disability challenges to overcome.

Environmental Issues

Caring for the environment is an important part of CSR and one that we live at Datagroup.  Our Group diverts 1,500 tonnes of paper from entering landfill annually and we reduce our carbon footprint through initiatives like our scan on demand services and our online viewing platforms that eliminate the need to physically transport information by way of motor vehicles.

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