Data Capture

Data Capture is another specialised service we offer our clients. Utilizing the latest technology, supported by our in-house programmers and quality control staff, we can key thousands of documents each day from a variety of formats.

There are only two approaches to data collection from paper forms:

  • To involve many people in manual data keying or
  • To start using automatic form input system.

Manual Indexing

Data Entry Operators usually input lists of items, numbers, or other data into computers or complete forms that appear on a computer screen. They also may manipulate existing data, edit current information, proof-read new entries into a database for accuracy. Some examples of data sources include customers’ personal information, medical records, and membership lists. Usually, this information is used internally by a company and may be reformatted before other departments or customers use it.

Forms Processing

Using an automated form input system the extracted data looks exactly like the data you get from your current manual system. But you get it faster, and the captured content is more accurate and reliably correct that is undoubtedly critical for your business. We utilize a number of different forms processing packages. We can offer conversions for both structured and unstructured forms. The performance of an automatic machine print (OCR) or handprint (ICR) recognition system depends heavily on the quality of the image. If a document contains many broken, touching or noisy character images, the processing accuracy of the forms’ recognition will degrade significantly, diminishing the chances of finding the right data from the document. Our Scanning Service assures the highest possible image quality from the documents we scan and thus the most effective form processing

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