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We offer Consultancy & In House Training to help you manage your data. Records Management is essentially inventory control, which means knowing what you have, where it is, how to find it when you need it, retaining its integrity, when to get rid of it and ensuring at all times it remains confidential. There is always much more to the system than just putting records out of sight and out of mind.

Datagroup provides a cost effective, secure and simple solution to all aspects of Corporate Archiving and Records Management. Our experienced consulting professionals have the skills and the experience to deliver on every level of document, data and information management.  Simply phone our Call Centre on 1890 36 67 67 to arrange for one of our specialists to visit your premises and we will conduct a complete confidential audit of your records management processes.

We will analyze your current procedures and identify areas that will be improved through better records management protocols. Within 48 hours of our visit you will receive a written report detailing the results of our analysis which will include specific recommendations.

If you have any queries what so ever, please call our enquiry team on:

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