Scanning Products

We can supply specific Scanning Products for all your scanning needs. Choose from our selection of quality archive units and accessories for your archival needs

Archive Units:

  1. Specifically designed robust boxes
  2. Best for frequent file retrieval and offer the highest stacking options
  3. Can be sealed with security seals or tape to ensure the archive box is not tampered with.

Security Seals / Tape:

  1. Self Locking with unique barcode number
  2. Ensures your box I container is never opened by anybody but you
  3. Security Tape can be used to secure the contents of each of the boxes I containers Barcode Tracking Labels
  4. We supply barcode tracking labels which minimizes the risk of mislaid or wrongly
    labelled files or boxes.

Integral Hinged Lid Plastic Container:

  1. Specifically designed robust boxes
  2. Best for the storage of more specialized items for example, computer equipment etc.
  3. Feature Fast-Fold one-step setup and secure closures.
  4. Available in different dimensions.

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